Quality Control



Management & Supervision

The Company places a major emphasis on the management and supervision of all its contract in order to ensure and maintain a consistently high standard of on site services. In assessing the specification for a premises, we will make provision within our quotation for our supervisor to be based at your premises wherever possible during cleaning hours to check upon the standards of work performed.


Scheduling Of Work

A plan of the premises and a wall chart scheduling the cleaning activities and frequency will be utilized to control and monitor the cleaning specification within your buildings.


Check Lists & Weekly Reports

Daily check lists will be provided to the supervisor. A weekly reporting system with be instigated. It will be printed duplicate system with copies available for your management. This will ensure attention to detail and total control within your building.


Health & Safety

The company places great emphasis on health and safety and will take all possible steps to ensure that the condition of its employees work in are safe and without risk towards health.


Our Supervisor

We hire reliable, trusted and experienced individual who have worked a minimum of 3 years with a reputable company. Previous companies from which these people draw their experience was from Padini, CNI, and Campaign Cleaning.


Our Workers

Our workforce compress nationals from Malaysian and Indonesia. Most are experienced cleaners who have at least 6 to 12 months. Experience (most are able to use machines and have the requisite skills for general cleaning) and are able to speak malay language.


Our Cleaning Services

We use only the best cleaning agents to the manufacturer’s recommended ration to ensure proper usage, effective cleaning and lower costs. We also use colour coded mops and towels for improved hygience.